July 14, 2007 – 9:55 pm

I never liked beer. I thought I was just weird, different to other people. I’d tried so many beers over the years but never liked any of them. In the end I gave up. “Sorry, I cant drink beer. It makes me nauseous”. Recently there’s been a bit of a change. My sister in law was visiting earlier this year from Japan. On the last day of her trip we went to Epoque in Cammeray. I tried Hoegaarden. I liked it. I tried Leffe Blonde. I liked that too. I tried Stella Artois. I liked that the most.

Now about 6 months has passed and the list of beers I like has grown quite a bit. I have no idea why I now like beer but I’m very grateful. The beers below were some recent noteable discoveries. I’m keen to try “Matilda Bay Crema” and “3 Ravens White” next.

pilsner-urquell.jpg Pilsner Urquell A friend put me onto this recently. Very nice easy drinking beer. Heaven help me when the warm weather comes back. Imported from Czech.
knappstein.jpg Knappstein Reserve Lager This is an amazing beer. It somehow reminds me of sauvignon blanc even thought it doesn’t taste like it. Rumor has it when the winemakers at Knappstein were bored in the off season they tried making some beer for fun. The result is amazing.
hop-thief.jpg Hop Thief Limited edition beer from James Squire. This special hand-crafted brew was brewed in celebration of the annual end of March Hop Harvest.
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  2. Bruno mentioned that he had one of his best beers ever here

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