Sun LDOMs on Coolthreads servers

July 12, 2007 – 8:18 pm


I set up LDOMs on a T2000 recently to have a play and learn about them. This pdf is a good intro to LDOMs.

Basically, the steps are; install solaris (11/06 or greater), upgrade firmware, install LDOM software, configure installed solaris instance as the first control LDOM, reboot. repeat, rinse, RTFM etc.

A word of advice, always read release notes. I hit a bug where I could not add/remove cpus from the LDOMs I had created. big problem! After bit of googling I found the section “Dynamic Reconfiguration of Virtual CPUs with Cryptographic Units” in the release notes. Bingo.

So I feel that LDOMs are a bit bleeding edge still. I’ll wait a bit before i start using them.

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