Trying to do too much

March 30, 2010 – 12:11 pm

I may start blogging more often now. I don’t like blogs where people blather on about stuff that isn’t interesting to the general public. So I didn’t post often. I’d think, “will anybody really care about this?” and then usually not write an entry (except for at the start when it was a new toy).

Now that I’m starting to get into Triathlon training more seriously, I thought the ups and downs of my journey might be of interest. What does a normal person go through in the attempt to train to be able to do an endurance triathlon? Yea, that could be of interest to people. So, i’ll see if i can maintain regular updates.

So, to my update. I received my training plan from the coach at STG last night.

  • Monday: Swim training in the pool. ~1 hr
  • Tuesday: Morning ride training. ~1 hr
  • Wednesday: Run training at the track. ~1 hr
  • Thursday: Morning ride training. ~1 hr. Evening swim training. ~1 hr
  • Friday: “recovery” longer run. 45mins-1hr.
  • Saturday: “brick” training, cycling then running. ~2 hrs


I did a swimming technique session last night(mon). Swam and rode the day before(Sun). Swimming technique session the day before that(Sat). I tried to get up and do the ride training session this morning, but I’ve hit my limits already. Sore upper body muscles and really tired. That and it was raining.  So, my first “failure” of sorts.

I’ve started eating more as the coach recommended. That’s helped with recovery, but as I’ve not done much swimming at all for a very long time, it’s really exhausted me. The upside is that the coach is telling me my swim technique is improving.  Amazingly my kick is perfect, which is just a fluke. My arms however need a lot of work.  The stroke correction over two lessons has reduced my 100m time by ten seconds. amazing.

So today i make sure i drink lots of water and eat right.  tonight, lots of stretching and using the physio-roller. Then hopefully i’ll be good for tomorrow night’s track running session.

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