Run training

April 1, 2010 – 12:27 am

Another track session this evening; 2km warm up. active stretching. then five 800m runs, with 1min rest in-between. The  goal being to keep a consistent lap time of 2:05 – 2:15.  It’s harder than it sounds.  First 400, i was close, then the 2nd 400 was too slow. The next 800 was better, almost bang on. later, as i felt the fatigue coming on, i put in a bit more effort to try to maintain the pace. However i overcooked it and did a 2min flat 400. The second last 800, the first lap was ok, but then i let the pace drop to come in at 4:30. The last 800 was good, about 4:20.

After that, to end, a ~1km cool down then proper stretching. I rugged up before i got cold. Once I got home, hot shower, then a good go with the physio-roller.  pressing out the knots in my leg muscles, particularly my quads, ITB and TFL.

My heart rate wasn’t that high during the session, ~170bpm or so. It was actually the condition of my legs that limited me.  I’ve done not nearly enough to look after them.  Proper maintenance of your muscles is SO important I’m discovering. It gets more and more important as you aim for more and more endurance. This is the stand out biggest change since starting with STG.

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  2. damn. wish i could work out with u ! i have no motivation at all and stick to slow long distance on the treadmill for about an hr 3 timez a wk.. thats my training for c2s anywayz 😛 keep it up! xx

    By betty on May 27, 2010

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