Mixed feelings, but overall, things are good

April 8, 2010 – 10:06 pm

There’s been a few developments. First, the simple one, swimming. First session with the swim squad tonight. I meet the minimum requirements now. I’m not too slow to be in the slower group. Also, I’m not the slowest which is very nice to discover.  The 1-on-1 sessions with the coach have helped a great deal. Swimming is actually enjoyable now. Before i knew it, a whole hour had passed, and I’d swum 2km. It wasn’t torture. This is a new thing for me 🙂

The other development is around the problems I’ve had with running for quite a long time now.  If I run more than a couple of kms i start to get pains in my right knee and hip.  I thought it was due to neglect, insufficient stretching and massage. After switching to training with STG, and being very disciplined with stretching, i started to wonder if something else might be the problem.  I went to see a sports chiropractor in the city near work. Thank god I did. As it turns out, years of neglect before i started exercising in 2008, have resulted in my spine being in pretty poor shape. All the pain associated with running is due to my hips being rotated and tilted (left forward and down, right back and up). So i fork out the dosh, get my back sorted out, and lay off the running for a while.

Tip: strengthen your legs with lunges

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