Paulaner @ the Bavarian Bier Café

October 22, 2007 – 10:58 pm

Paulaner Original Lager

We tried out the Bavarian Bier Café in Manly on the weekend. I love the one in the city on York st. This one is nice too; nice view over the harbour and the interior fit out has been well done. They could do with better wait staff though, the ones on Sunday night were woeful. I mean, really really awful. I spent half the time waving for attention and getting none. Not from the two young blondes gossiping near a till. Not from the himbo pissfarting around with the kitchen staff. Then our so called waiter made a fool of himself by first stuffing up a show-off beer pour and then having another go and stuffing it up by filling the glass with 90% head and 10% beer. “give to daddy!”. Good food, good location, good interior, good beers. Floor staff, SHITE!


Tried Paulaner in a bottle (lager) for the first time. Yum! I might like it even more than the one on tap (a Pilsner). Maybe.

The Paulaner in the second picture is a Bock. I was curious how it tasted. Sadly I didn’t like it. It’s too strong for me; flavor and alcohol (7.9%).

Wikipedia page on German Beer

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  2. Went back again tonight. service was better. some of the staff we actually very good! *shock*

    The moron from last time was there, but we were lucky and managed to avoid him.

    By admin on Oct 26, 2007

  3. There’s a brewery in the US that produces a double and triple bock, and both are pretty much undrinkable for me. The alcohol volume isn’t the problem, it’s the taste. Far too dark for me, and I love a good stout.

    By Chris Saunderson on Mar 16, 2008

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