my ideal home workstation

July 13, 2007 – 5:31 pm


I’ve been pondering what I’d set up at home if I was going to go all out but keep the cost within realistic limits.

  • Mac Pro dual quad core Xeon, lots of RAM
  • Highpoint RocketRAID 2322 PCI-Express x4 SATA II RAID Controller w/ RAID 5 and External Infiniband Support or maybe a pair of them.
  • Enhance E8-ML Multi-Lane 8-bay SATA Enclosure (with Two Mini-SAS to Infiniband 4-Channel MultiLane Cables)
  • Eight 750GB SATA-II HDDs or whatever’s biggest.

UPDATE (11-04-2021): it’s now ~15years later. I’ve just upgraded the home lab to 10GE and arrays of 12 and 14TB disks. NVMe SSDs are up at 2 and 4TB in size, with speeds and latencies that weren’t even dreamed of not long ago. Latest lab server is an AMD 8core/16thread cpu.

  1. 4 Responses to “my ideal home workstation”

  2. No, I don’t own all this. I’m just dreaming!

    By Daniel on Jul 25, 2007

  3. Well, I do. 🙂 and it rocks!

    By Jasper on Sep 29, 2007

  4. HDD tech changes so fast. “dual quad core Xeon” is still current, but 750GB? pfff 2TB now.

    By admin on Aug 14, 2010

  5. 2023. 20+TB disks are now available.
    200TB in 2033?

    By [email protected] on Aug 10, 2023

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