Simmered Fish

July 29, 2007 – 12:13 am


Chika usually cooks. She’s much better at it than me and enjoys it. She’s still recovering from the flu so today I tried making one of my favourite dishes, Japanese style simmered fish. Redfish (金目鯛) is in season at the moment and suits this dish. Its related to Snapper with a slightly lighter taste. I followed the recipe as closely as I could and Chika called out advice from the couch. It was a success! woot!

We have a bilingual cookbook that we picked up in Japan. Best cookbook I ever bought. I used a large shallow pot/pan. The normal drop lid made from foil didn’t look like it would sit on top of the fish very well, so I used a paper towel (with a few holes cut in it to let the steam out) instead. From time to time, spoon sauce over the top. Apart from that, I did exactly as shown in the book.

Here’s some extra pages from the book on the basics of simmering


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  2. Corrrr, sounds tasty 🙂

    By Alec on Jul 29, 2007

  3. And I thought you only cooked with your credit card

    By Ian on Jul 30, 2007

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