Melbourne Trip

September 11, 2007 – 12:09 am

We took a trip to Melbourne for a short break and to escape APEC. Turns out it was a good idea. Just crossing the road to go for Yum Cha was enough to get arrested.

Grand Hotel seen from inside Southern Cross StationSouthern Cross Station

Centre Pl off Flinders LnFlinders Ln

I’ve never spent much time in Melbourne until this weekend. It was a great experience. The trains are clean and on time. The equivalent to Sydney’s Central station is fantastic; a wonderful spacious wavy roofed building. The alleyways have interesting graffiti that doesn’t get painted over. Lots of great places to shop and eat. We’ll go back again for sure, soon I hope.


We stayed at Hotel Lindrum in the south-east corner of the CBD. Highly recommended.

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