November 9, 2009 – 8:57 pm

I was in Japan recently for a holiday. This time it was longer than usual, 3 weeks. Chika went ahead of me and stayed an extra week too.  We traveled around together; 2 weeks in Osaka and 1 week in Tokyo. This was my first proper trip to Tokyo.  I love it!! I’d very happily live there.  Hopefully my career will take me there in the future.

I dusted the camera gear off and took it with me. I mainly focused photographing all the food we ate. For me Japan is food paradise.

I bought a new lens in Tokyo, the Canon EF-S 17 – 55 mm F2.8 IS.  This is a sensational lens for pics indoors without flash. Perfect for food pics 🙂

This time i was introduced to properly good Izakaya(s). Also, we visited Tsukiji markets in Tokyo.  Check out the pics in the gallery (also linked at the top of this page).

Here’s a sample



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