Two transitions, career and sport/fitness

March 27, 2010 – 8:59 pm

Almost two months ago, I started a new job. I left Verizon Business at the end of last year. It was a good two years there, i learned a lot. Verizon do a lot of things right, but they have their faults too, mostly due to their massive size. In short, Australia is not important to Verizon. On the other hand, Australia IS important to Telstra. My new role is the first proper Unified/Network/Utility Computing and Security solution architect in Telstra Enterprise and Govt. The Hosting product portfolio was not important until now, and thus was allowed to languish. With all the recent hype around Cloud Computing and the trend back to consolidation in the datacenter, the product set is being revamped. Interesting times ahead. Lots to be fixed, but there’s a lot of effort going into it. I’m along for the ride, to see where this takes me.

The other big change is in my fitness and sport training. I’ve been with Vision Personal Training for a bit over a year now. Huge progress has been made, but in recent months it’s tapered off. I finally figured out the problem, I’ve outgrown them (plus they’ve changed to be more weight-loss oriented). I did a lot of research and spoke to friends that are triathletes. I settled on STG. I’ve got a qualified tri-coach now, and have started on a program with him. STG also provides a squad to train with, which is really good for motivation. Obsession with counting carbs, protein and fat is out. the “go hard or go home” mentality too. In with more logical and customized coaching. No more “don’t be lazy! just do it!”. Now it’s “ok, why are you tired/sore? what did you do/eat/etc?”

I’ve got some big events coming up this year and next. Kinda exciting and scary at the same time. a month ago i wouldn’t have thought i could reach those goals. now, with the new training and coaching program, i reckon i’ll do it!

note: not going to jinx myself by saying what I’m aiming for. I was planning to do the half marathon in May, the old personal trainer was pushing me hard. I was trying to keep to a training plan, but kept hitting injury obstacles. I wasn’t confident. The new coach; “forget that, you wont be ready”. Dude is hardcore, but fair, and logical, and experienced….

I’m stoked. Life is good.

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